Rampant digitisation taking over has made applying and checking status of governmental procedures increasingly easier. With more schemes now aiming for an online presence for the sole reason that it offers better accessibility to the people, benefitting from governmental schemes has now become easy for the people who need it.

One such scheme that has its own mobile application now is the Awas Yojana.

Housing can be a tedious affair and having an online presence in the form of an app ideally means that people can now either apply or check up on the status of their Awas housing by simply checking their app and not having to physically be present at the governmental office.

How to download the Awas Yojana app?

What schemes are available in this  mobile app?

Information regarding the following schemes can be found on the Awas Yojana app:

  2. PMAY-G
  3. Day-NRLM
  4. PMGSY
  5. NSAP
  7. NRuM
  8. 14th Finance Commission

With the help of the Awas Yojana app, one can see the information of the above-mentioned plans – at a one-stop location. One can check the information like how many people have registered for schemes, how many people have their applications approved, etc.

In conclusion

With the digital era, governments all over the world have faced a need to digitise their most common portals as well. With so many schemes at disposal, it can get overwhelming for many to keep a tab on the schemes applied for.

With the Awas Yojana app, all information now falls under one roof, offering utmost ease and convenience to all looking for information about their application.

Apps now being the future of technology, it is about time that our schemes hop on the bandwagon and dole out information as and when needed by the people. Not only does it save time for the people, but also saves money and commuting efforts needed to accomplish a few basic governmental procedures.