The pandemic, though despised, has brought to light innovative ways of going about the “normal life”. And while the very fabric of normalcy stands shredded, there seems to be a new world woven from the threads of a world that once was.

In an attempt to enable learning and to provide extra sets of hands to social causes, the government of Rajasthan has come up with a first-of-its-kind scheme that aims to hit two fruits with one stone. The state initiated the Rajasthan Anandam scheme 2021 – an undertaking wherein more than 20 lakh college students will have to compulsorily volunteer for social causes. These volunteer students will be familiarised with community service as a part of their syllabus in this academic session.

The scheme will ensure that students will work for the welfare of society through tasks assigned to them and they will have to carry out tasks that will be time-bound and students would have to finish said tasks in stipulated time.

Rajasthan Anandam scheme – Mandatory Community outreach programme for college students

Through the Anandam scheme, community service will be integrated deeply into the curriculum which happens to be the Gandhian way towards the overall development of citizens that goes by the name Nai Talim.

Anandam scheme will allow students to decide the mode of service in which they wish to deliver their support and help to social causes.

A suggestive list of Projects in Rajasthan Anandam scheme 2021

The following is a suggestive list of the project under the Rajasthan Anandam scheme 2021 and it includes the following:

Need for the Anandam scheme

For the longest time, there has been a discussion around Rajasthan campuses that colleges are not generating self-content and happy youth. There seemed to arise a need for holistic development. So, the Anandam scheme was brought into the picture so that in the course of interacting with the society, the youth manages to find inner worth and self-development, while also managing to improve their academic scores.

It is only by giving back to society that one learns to be a part of the solution, not a bystander towards the problem.

Wrapping it up

Through the Anandam scheme, youth in Rajasthan will learn that academics happen to be more than just books; learning can be done by living life. Learning is everywhere; all it takes is an interest towards the society which renders one a perspective that is different enough to come across as a revelation.

In other words, the Anandam scheme is a masterstroke to help people be more than just what they are and brings them closer to what they should be.

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