While the WFH or Work-From-Home method of working is highly recommended considering the effects of the pandemic, it is not feasible for all. Constant homely interventions, internet instability and several other disturbances make working seamlessly an issue.

Understanding the plight of the people who wish to work without interruptions and focus on offering break-free services to their clients, the Kerala government has initiated the Kerala Work Near Home scheme for employees.

About the Work Near Home scheme

The Work near Home scheme essentially offers proper working facilities to the employees near their houses so that they can have some semblance of going to work. To implement the scheme, the government will make arrangements similar to the office at a centre nearest to the house of the employee.

The state government will also go out of the way and provide facility to employees in various IT and even non-IT companies.

According to the implementation of the scheme, steps were taken to convert resorts to workstations during the COVID-19 period. The basic area necessary to make this happen is a 5000sq ft building facility at the block or even the municipal level.

To carry this whole scheme forward, a total of ₹20 crores is earmarked for it.

Need for the Kerala Work Near Home scheme

While the vaccination process is still in order, it is necessary for people to still abide by the COVID-19 protocol which includes social distancing, while at work. The state government of Kerala has started the Work Near Home scheme, employees can work near their respective home place and they would therefore not have to travel to far off places through buses, trains and other modes of transportation which could be dangerous at such times.

There happen to be several companies that have expressed their interest in exploring and further experimenting with this new work culture. At the moment, there are centres that can be acquired for low rent as compared to those of IT parks in Kerala. The State government expects that the project will be a huge success in the long run. This scheme is being launched after observing several issues regarding power failure and slow network connection which is faced by the employees who are working from home.

Summing it up

It is estimated that in Kerala, roughly around five lakh women professionals have taken a career break and are staying at home. There are another 40 lakh educated women who are without jobs as they used to work for the labour force, and are staying at home. About 16 lakh youngsters registered with the employment exchange programme are waiting for employment opportunities.

With this scheme in effect, a lot of problems will be solved as people will now have a chance to get back to work, and they will have some income flowing in. People have, for almost a year now, living off in financial worries, and with this scheme in place, some income coming in would be welcome to lakhs in the state.