The world, currently, stands conflicted on several matters, like the pandemic, riots, civil wars and outright wars. However, amidst all the politics and the diplomatic handshakes, it gets easier to forget about the soil we stand over. Climate crisis is all real a threat as far as threats go. This one, however, has the potential to wipe out all of humanity as one would know it.

Acknowledging the concern and the issue that befalls us by blatantly ignoring the climate crisis, the Madhya Pradesh government has launched the Ankur Scheme – a plantation scheme that benefits people and the environment alike.

About the Ankur scheme 2021

The Ankur scheme is a mega tree plantation drive in which all participants would plant trees and would get something called Pranvayu awards. The Ankur scheme ensures that public participation in the scheme is duly rewarded. People who wish to participate in the scheme can register themselves on the mobile app named “Vayudoot”.

In order to register, the participants need to ideally upload a picture while planting the sapling and upload another picture taking care of the sapling for thirty days. Once the Chief minister verifies the entries, the state government will give away the Pranvayu award to winners who are selected from each district.

Purpose of the app

While the world seems to be in tatters due to the climate crisis, lately, lack of oxygen also seemed to have wreaked havoc in the lives of people. And while plantation does not ensure medically useful oxygen, it overall clears the air and aids in fighting a respiratory ailment shrouded under the garb of this pandemic.

How to download the Vayudoot app from Google Playstore?

In order to download the app from the play store, one has to follow this procedure:

Features of the Vayudoot app for the Ankur scheme

Here are the features of the new Vayudoot app for the implementation of the Ankur scheme. It is a user-friendly app that offers the following features:

Wrapping it up

Saving the world, one sapling at a time makes the enormity of the task diminish. Saving the world is not necessarily as humongous a task as it appears. It is basically sticking to what you deem to be environmentally sound, and practising that against the pull of convenience. In the long run, when generations in the future look back at us now, let us give them a chance to think the better of us. As preservers of this planet, not destroyers.