The pandemic has affected academics deeply. And while the impact of the pandemic on the academic year of the students cannot entirely be salvaged, it can be mitigated moving forward. The Tripura government has launched the Mukhyamantri Yuba Yogayog yojana 2021 for students which will essentially provide financial assistance to students who are pursuing undergraduate courses so that they can buy themselves a smart device to get reacquainted with their studies and bridge the gaps created due to not being able to visit college.

About the Tripura Mukhyamantri Yuba Yogayoga yojana 2021

The Tripura Mukhyamantri Yuba yojana 2021 aims to offer convenience to the students by offering them the tools needed to get back to their studies. With e-learning being the new normal, students across the nation have found it difficult to get on board because there are many who do not even have access to proper electricity, much less have a phone.

The Tripura government, bearing in mind the problems of the underprivileged has decided to offer ₹5,000 to students who are in their final year of graduate courses. Through the implementation of this scheme, the state government wants to make sure that students will now have a fair chance to get to their studies and have the access to the internet so that no student gets left behind.

Objective of the Tripura Mukhyamantri Yuba Yogayoga Yojana

Currently, with things getting digital all of a sudden, students have found it increasingly difficult to get on board with their studies. The Tripura government, having observed the meagre attendance of students in online learning, thought it necessary to implement the scheme, so that students who cannot smartphones can now do so, and get back to their studies promptly.

Eligibility criteria for the Mukhyamantri Yuba Yogayoga Scheme

In order to avail the benefits of the scheme, here is what one must adhere to:

  1. The student must be a resident of Tripura state.
  2. Students must be studying in a college which is present in Tripura state.
  3. The student essentially should be in the final year of the course to become eligible for the Mukhyamantri Yuba Yogayoga Yojana.
  4. The scheme is not applicable for students who are getting their degree from colleges that are not in Tripura.
  5. The student can avail benefits of the Yogayoga yojana only once in their entire lifetime.
  6. The applicant must buy a smartphone after the transfer of the grant in his/her name.

How to register for the scheme?