Elections are an integral part of the country’s democracy. Voting, as a process, however, can be quite difficult to implement in a country with a population like that of India – which holds the reputation to be the world’s greatest democracy. With the Chief Electoral Officer elections of Chandigarh coming up, people in Chandigarh should be made aware of the advancements the state government has offered towards making voting in the CEO elections far easier than ever before.

Need for the CEO Chandigarh portal

Usually, the common perception about voting in these elections is negative. It is often believed that the process is too tedious, cumbersome to say the least, which eventually encourages people’s lack of participation. And as we all are aware, no quality winner of an election has ever risen in ranks from an inactive voting process. 

With the CEO Chandigarh elections coming up, the government has streamlined the process, making it easier for the people of Chandigarh to download the Chandigarh voter list 2021 from the CEO portal of the state and even proceed to download Voter ID cards.

CEO Chandigarh Voter list 2021 download

Here is the process to download the CEO Chandigarh voter list 2021:

How to check name online in the CEO voter’s list?

Here is how the candidate can find the name in the CEO Chandigarh voters list 2021 and download voter ID card

Wrapping it up

The process, that was once considered cumbersome, has now been tamed and people can now breathe a sigh of relief. Tedious procedures have been taken care of by digitisation and long queues are now replaced by the click of fingers. 

In short, the wave of digitisation that has taken over the nation has done a world of wonders across all governmental processes. Streamlining voting-related processes was a cry that was unheard for decades, but now, finally, it has been heard and acted on. 

With the CEO Chandigarh election now smoothened up, people can now enrol in large numbers and practice their basic right in a democracy.