Widows usually have a tough time in a culturally regressive society, which is unfortunate for them. They not only have to deal with the grief of the loss they have endured, but they also have to wade through societal stigma all alone, and this stigma comes with financial repercussions as well.

To deal with the stigma and enable widowed women to make a life for themselves and not remain as a mere remnant of the tragedy that occurred in their lives, the Delhi government initiated the Widow empowerment programme – the Vidhwa Pension Yojana.

About the Delhi Widow Pension Scheme

The Delhi government is inviting widowed women in the state to avail of the benefits set aside for widow empowerment. This will largely help break the stigma surrounding widows and enable them to take care of bereaved children (if any).

Under the implementation of the Delhi Vidhwa Pension Yojana, women in distress who are divorced or have lost their husbands can apply for the monthly pension amount of ₹2,500. 

The Delhi Widow Pension scheme online registration forms are available on the official e-district portal of the Delhi State government website. Department of Women and Children Development (WCD) is essentially implementing this scheme and is inviting applicants for the Vidhwa Pension Yojana online.

Widows, those above 18 years of age, who have no adequate means of sustenance and are poor, to begin with, and are in need of financial assistance can fill the Pension Scheme online application and register themselves at the official e-district portal.

Delhi Widow Pension scheme online application form

Widow Delhi Pension scheme will offer social security to women by offering financial assistance to widows, divorced, separated, abandoned, deserted or destitute women. Here is how the process goes: