Offering support to minority groups is an attempt at equity that governments try to achieve. People from minority groups often find themselves lacking opportunities that would play well to their benefits on the basis of their actual potential, but they miss out on them since the starting line, sadly, is not the same for all. 

In order to bring in better access to opportunities, the government of West Bengal has initiated the WB Aikyashree Minority Scholarship scheme 2021, for students in the state of West Bengal who come from minority communities.

About the West Bengal Aikyashree scholarship 2021

The main purpose of the West Bengal Aikyashree scholarship is to provide minority scholarship to minority students in the state. It addresses the growing aspiration for education and the liberating properties it holds for households from really backward situations.

The scheme aims to offer more avenues for socio-economic and educational mobility by providing financial support and encouragement of the pursuit of educational goals. The West Bengal government has decided to set up a Scholarship scheme for Minority Students in West Bengal to be fully funded from the State budget. The West Bengal Minorities Development and Finance Corporation department will be the Nodal organisation in place for the implementation of the scheme.

Amount offered under the Aikyashree Scholarship scheme 2021

The Aikyashree scholarships for Minority students is an initiative of the government of West Bengal. It is implemented from the Financial year 2019-20. A scholarship amount of up to ₹33,000 per annum is given to the students who are selected as the beneficiaries of the scholarship. 

How to fill the application form for the Aikyashree Scholarship Online application form?

Summing it up

Through this scheme, thousands of lives in the state of West Bengal will benefit in the long run. Liberty from the vicious cycle of poverty can only be achieved through education and hard work along with the right support.