With the increasing influx of digitisation across all walks of life, it is only a matter of time when key governmental processes will also being digital from top to bottom. For the longest time, India has been known to lag behind on overall development due to the primitive nature of carrying out tasks both clerical and non-clerical. Now, with digital intervention, processes are completed in a fraction of time than what they used to. 

Bringing in the security and the swiftness of digital intervention to age certificates, the Uttar Pradesh government looks to offer a brand new avenue for the people of the state to procure an important document.

The Uttar Pradesh Age certificate online registration

The CM of Uttar Pradesh has announced that the people of the state can now apply for the Uttar Pradesh age certificate through online mode. The age certificate stands to be an important document in the day to day undertakings of people and is often looked at as a definitive age proof in procedures that concern its implementation around the age of the applicant.

Interested people can now simply fill up the UP Age certificate online at the website of the Department of Medical Health and Family Welfare (DoMH&FW).

Such a scheme ensures that people will no longer have to visit the government offices to procure an age certificate. In times like these, where we are battling the COVID-19 crisis and where social distancing is crucially important, the implementation of such a scheme would be beneficial to many. 

How to apply for the Uttar Pradesh online application certificate?

Summing it up

Age certificate can usually be a tedious undertaking that involves frequent visits to the government or municipal office and essentially can be very time-consuming. With the online mechanism now in order, all it takes are some clicks and the people can issue their certificates online – without any hassle. 

In a medical crisis like the one, we find ourselves to be in, turning to technology to take care of menial tasks is a feasible move. In the long run, it helps to break the chain of transmission and thereby flatten the curve.