With changing times, procedures need to be abreast with these changing times, so as to remain relevant and accessible to the masses. With the Sikkim Chief Electoral officer elections coming up, and in light of the current medical crisis faced worldwide, the government of Sikkim has made the process digital for all the residents of the state. 

The Chief Electoral Officer of Sikkim has published the CEO Sikkim Voter List 2021 online so that the people can now perform a simple online search and procure their voting details in the Electoral Roll. 

People can now even download PDF Electoral roll at CEO Sikkim portal. 

The CEO Sikkim Voter list 2021

Here is the complete procedure to download the CEO Sikkim Voter list 2021

Finding name in the Sikkim Voter List 2021

People can find their name by their electoral photo identity card or an EPIC number and download the Sikkim Voter ID card. For this, the applicant has to visit the official website, select the option “Search by EPIC number” to find their name by EPIC number in the Sikkim Voter list. 

Here the candidate can enter the name or the Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) number and click on the Search button to find whether the name of the particular user or applicant exists in the registry or not. 

Post that, the voter Slip or CEO Sikkim Voter ID card download page for the current elections will open up: 

All users or applicants must print out the Voter ID to be able to cast their important vote in the CEO Sikkim voter list. 

In conclusion

Voting basically is the constitutional right of every resident in a democracy. To make the process of voting easier is enabling more people to vote so that the eventual results are more desirable towards the needs of the mass populace. This brings out the true essence of democracy – a development where all voices are heard, and all people get to have a say in matters that are crucial to the overall development of the state and furthermore, the country. 

In the long run, people will appreciate the efforts taken to celebrate the true spirit of democracy.