Poverty in India is a plague older than any. With a larger chunk of people below the poverty line, it is crucial that state governments work towards ways to bring people above the poverty line and offer families a chance to live dignified lives. 

To this effect, state governments have taken up the mantle and are now scheming up ways to wage a full-blown war on poverty and to bring about salvation to as many families as possible. The Andhra Pradesh government, among several other schemes, has launched the AP YSR Kapari Bandhu scheme – a welfare scheme for the poor people in the south Indian state.

About the Andhra Pradesh YSR Kapari Bandhu Scheme

The Shepherd community of Andhra Pradesh has, up until this point, not had any definitive scheme to help them out. Looking around, especially in times of crisis, it has become all the more necessary to have certain schemes in place that looks after the welfare of the shepherds in the state – a community that is quite poor, to begin with. 

To that effect, the YSR Bandhu scheme is designed to bear the welfare of the shepherd community in mind. Through the systematic implementation of the scheme, subsidies will be provided on the sale and purchase of animals, so that the brunt of livestock trading does not fall too heavily on the finances of poor shepherds. 

Benefits offered by the YSR Kapari Bandhu Scheme

Eligibility Criteria

Documents needed to avail of the benefits

Application Process

The application process to availing the benefits of the scheme is yet underway. Those interested in availing of the benefits the scheme offers should steadily inquire with local authorities about the same. 

Summing it up

The Shepherd community usually finds it difficult to make ends meet, especially when the profits they make barely sustain their needs, much less their wants. The implementation of a welfare scheme that works towards the overall benefit of the shepherd community is much needed.

The Kapari Bandhu scheme puts the welfare of the shepherds on the radar, and hopefully, more states around the country follow this trend to make the nation a more shepherd friendly community.