In the southern parts of India, coconut is a prime commodity. Growing and selling coconuts proves to be a major part of a farmer’s life down south. However, there happens to be one main issue facing those involved in the coconut business – harvesting coconuts. 

As one might know, coconuts grow on tall palm trees and these coconuts refuse to drop by mere shaking of the stalk. To extract coconuts from a palm tree, one has to physically climb atop the tree and manually pluck the coconut from the branch. 

This very endeavour has, time and again, proven to be life-threatening to many who attempt this feat. Looking at all the injuries and even deaths resulting from coconut harvesting, the Kerala government has launched a new safety programme – the Kera Suraksha Insurance scheme.

About Kera Suraksha Insurance Scheme

The main objective of the Kera Suraksha Insurance Scheme is to provide monetary insurance coverage to all traditional coconut tree climbers and Friends of Coconut Tree (FoCT) trainees against any kind of accident.

Moreover, the government has increased the insurance amount of ₹1 lakh to ₹2 lakh per year under the Kera Suraksha Insurance scheme. Most part of the already nominal insurance premium – which stands to be a sum of ₹66 – is already borne by the Coconut board.

However, on the expiry of the policy, the beneficiaries will have to make sure that they renew the policy. 

Application for the Kera Suraksha Insurance Scheme

What are the benefits offered for the Kera Suraksha Insurance Scheme?

Sr. No. Benefits available – due to accidents onlySum insured (₹)
(capital sum insured)
2Permanent Partial Disablement1,00,000
3Hospital Expenses reimbursement25,000
4Ambulance charges1,000
5Weekly compensation in case of TTD6,000
6Bystander expenses in case of Hospitalisation – maximum for 5 days at ₹300 per day1,500
7Funeral expenses in case of accidental death5,000

Summing it up

With this scheme in effect, tree climbers can now rest assured that their state government has their backs in case things go sideways – and this assurance is all that matters.