We have all heard of the common tropes regarding academic determination – that of sitting under a streetlamp and studying for an exam the following day. Over the years, governments all across the nation have worked hard to not have that trope perpetuate. Bringing light to households has been a key agenda for several governments and Tripura was not one to be left too far behind. 

The Tripura state government is going to launch the Solar Study Lamp scheme – a scheme that will work towards providing roughly 600,000 solar lamps to students from poor families in the state of Tripura.

Each student will be able to avail such lamps at a meagre cost of ₹10. 

The Tripura Solar Study lamp

The scheme will be implemented across the state in phases. Phase 1 will concern itself with providing 3 lakh solar study lamps. The remaining 300,000 lamps will be provided in the second phase of the scheme’s implementation. 

For the implementation of the scheme in a seamless fashion, 80% of the fund for the Tripura Solar lamp yojana would be borne by the central government of India and the remaining 20% will be borne by the state government. 

The Tripura Renewable Energy Development Agency (TREDA) will be the State Nodal Agency in charge of the implementation of the scheme. 

The Objective of the scheme

The Solar Study lamps function through solar power, which makes it a perfect and eco-friendly solution to the students so that they can carry on with their studies late evenings hours of the day as well.

Solar lamps are a feasible solution for households who are traditionally dependent on kerosene lamps as their primary source of lighting. Solar lamps are beneficial as their per unit costing of lighting is significantly lower than LCD, CFLs, etc. 

They also offer high brightness and the range of light they offer can be adjusted as per the need of the student. 

The functionality of the solar lamp

While the technology is not essentially unheard of, it is quite unique and effortless in the way it works. The Solar study lamp offered to students in the state of Tripura basically consists of a photovoltaic module that converts sunlight into electricity. With the help of solar access as its only input, solar lamps will be able to offer lighting solutions to the troubled masses of Tripura who find it difficult to go about their lives once the sun sets on them. 

Summing it up

The Solar study lamp will go a long way in helping students figure out their studies in a more streamlined manner. Gone are the days when they would have to miss out on the evening recreational activities just so that they could finish their homework and other school-related tasks. 

Now, students can and will make use of the extra evening hours and will be able to study harder and better. This surely will help them achieve whatever academic goals they set for themselves.