Education is an essential aspect of an individual’s holistic growth and development. In India, education often is also considered a way out of poverty and onto better things and opportunities in life. However, with the onset of the pandemic, students cannot go back to schools, which has impacted academics, much to the dismay of parents and students alike.

To make matters less strenuous and to ensure that the academic gap caused by the pandemic is bridged, the government of Madhya Pradesh has announced the Aapki Padhai Aapke Ghar scheme – a Digi lap scheme for students in the state.

About the Scheme

Schooling from home can be a tricky situation as there can be endless disturbances that can affect the concentration of the child and can therefore affect his/her academic performance. The CM of Madhya Pradesh, through the implementation of the scheme, wishes to enable students to carry on with their studies in an interesting manner, even if it happens to be from the confines of their house for the time being. 

Students can now even download the Top Parent mobile app from the Google play store. Through this app, the parent will be able to provide their children with important information about the country and the world.

At the same time, parents will also be able to keep a tab on their child’s academic progress on the app through continuous report cards being sent to them on the app. 

Downloading the Top Parent App

In order to download the app, the following steps need to be followed: 

How Top Parent app parents with knowledge?

The newly launched app not only enables students to learn more but also parents. This is achieved through the following: 

  1. Engaging and informative videos
  2. Expert videos
  3. Recommends several learning apps for their children across subjects
  4. Offers quizzes with gaming experience
  5. Builds a parent community through social sharing options
  6. A Monthly reward program is offered
  7. Allows parents to share feedback and stories
  8. Offers parents a platform to share parent testimonials. 

Digi Lap App

To enable students to study from home so that they face no hindrance in their academics, the government has also launched the Digi Lap scheme. Under the implementation of the scheme, each student will get their teaching materials through WhatsApp. Students who have Android devices will get their study materials of subjects like Mathematics, English, Hindi, Science on their devices, without them having to take a step out of their homes. 

The implementation of the scheme ensures the safety of students and parents alike by allowing them to social distance and follow COVID-19 protocols. 

These are trying times, and coming up with innovative solutions is the only way we can get through this situation, and that is precisely what the MP government is trying to achieve here.