Thomas Jefferson once said, “If the farmer is rich, then so is the nation.” 

This stands to be true for us as a nation on so many grounds, especially considering the fact that we happen to be an agrarian economy where our primary source of revenue happens to be agricultural goods.

However, with market fluctuations and untimely weather, farmers have often found themselves to be in the deep ditch of debt from which they find it practically impossible to crawl out, and this indeed takes a toll on them and their families.

Over the years, farmers have repeatedly tried to make their end of the story heard to the government and governments have tried to bring respite to the situation of the farmers by offering leeways from time to time. 

The government of Uttar Pradesh, in an attempt to bring respite to farmers, has initiated the Aasaan Kist yojana – an instalment scheme that will help farmers pay their outstanding tubewell electricity bills in instalments (kishts).

About the Aasaan Kisht Yojana

According to the Energy department of Uttar Pradesh, the interest waiver on tubewell bills will prove to be crucial in offering respite to the financial plight of the farmers in the state. Farmers can now avail the benefits of Aasaan Kisht yojana, simply by applying online or at their nearest CSC.

However, it is worth noting that farmers who pay their tubewell bills on a timely basis will be the ones to avail the benefits of the scheme and in the long run, the implementation of the scheme will benefit both electricity suppliers and farmers. 

Application Form

Here is the process to register and fill the online form for the UP Kisaan Aasan Kisht yojana 2021

Wrapping it up

Through the implementation of this scheme, farmers can now opt for easy EMIs to pay their bills so that the bills don’t wreak havoc on their monthly finances, and that they have an option to pay their bills in part and later on as well.