With the slogan “Jai Jawaan, Jai Kisaan,” it was made very clear as to what Indian priorities are. And while the defence forces seem to prove their worth time and again – and are sufficiently rewarded and honoured for their bravery and valiance, the poor farmers are left out of the limelight always. In an attempt to rejuvenate the farmer and offer him hope, the Uttar Pradesh government has launched a one-of-its-kind scheme – the UP FPO Shakti portal registration.

This scheme was launched because over the years, farmers have, due to environmental changes, suffered losses after losses, thereby running their financial stability stretched out thin. Several schemes have been launched by the government to help out the farmers across the nation, but none seem to have redeemed the farmer to a level of celebration.

About the Uttar Pradesh FPO Shakti Portal registration 2021

The newly launched scheme aims to redeem the position of the farmer in society and bring in wealth and a better life to the one whose efforts put food on the plate for us. The Farmer Producer Organisation-centric portal will bring farmers, producer groups and traders and agriculture and other allied departments of the UP government on one unified platform.

The UP FPO Shakti portal registration process has already begun and people can now apply online on the official website or they can apply through the app as well.

Benefits of the UP FPO Shakti Portal

The UP FPO Shakti portal launched by the State government of Uttar Pradesh promises to offer the following benefits:

  1. Enabling farmers to expand their market base which helps them have a larger profit ratio
  2. Reduce dependency on Mandis and price fluctuations
  3. Facilitate the national and transboundary trade

The UP FPO Shakti Portal was developed with technical and funding support offered by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF).

Information at UP FPO Shakti Portal

The farmers of UP state will be able to access and download the necessary documents required to form the organisations directly from the UP FPO Shakti portal. Each FPO will have its own section that will comprise the details of its members. The Portal will also contain information on the FPOs, their key activities, organisational structure and produces.

With the implementation of the scheme, several avenues of the agricultural sector come together in unison and share space to have a more meaningful trading experience. In this manner, people in the agricultural sector will no longer feel left out.

In conclusion

Through this scheme, the farmer will now have information about market prices and can negotiate with stakeholders involved accordingly. Based on the availability of produce, prices will be decided which will benefit the farmer community, thereby offering the farmer some say in the matter. This empowers the farmer and puts him in the driver’s seat.

As the scheme stands to be rightly named, the UP FPO scheme offers farmers the shakti they need to go forth and earn themselves the life they rightfully deserve. With efforts acknowledged and honoured, we stand true to our slogan of “Jai jawan, Jai Kisaan”.