For the longest time, single mothers and orphan girls in the country find themselves in a fix whenever the financial burdens of a wedding fall upon them. This pressure can be quite crippling to those who have to go through a lot of hardships just to sustain themselves. In such circumstances, a delightful experience like marriage should be resentful by any means – after all, as it turns out, marriages are the unfurlings of better things in life.

The Delhi government has, looking at the situation for single women and orphan girls announced the Delhi Widow Daughter Marriage Scheme.

About the Delhi Widow Daughter Marriage scheme 2021

The Delhi government has revised income criteria under a scheme to meet the financial needs of single mothers and orphan daughters. Through the implementation of this scheme, financial assistance would be provided for the marriage of orphan girls and daughters of poor widows. Those whose annual earnings are ₹1 lakh and below are considered eligible for the benefits of the scheme.

Steps to apply online for the Delhi Poor widow’s daughter and Orphan girls marriage scheme

  1. Visit the department office website:
  2. Download the application form and fill it with all the necessary information
  3. Attach all the necessary documents along with the application form
  4. Finally, submit this form along with the documents to the Department of Women and Child Welfare district office at least 60 days before marriage.

Documents needed for the scheme application

  1. A copy of the ration card or voter identity card or any other document which serves as proof of residence. The document should prove at least 5 years of residence in Delhi.
  2. A copy of the date of birth certificate of the girl child
  3. A self-declaration by the applicant regarding his/her income
  4. Death certificate of husband
  5. Marriage invitation card or marriage certificate
  6. Recommendation letter by area’s MLA/MP or Gazetted officer of state /  Central government
  7. All documents need to be attested

The salient features of the scheme

Summing it up

With such schemes in place, women in the state who have lost their husbands will no longer have to worry about having to deal with the expenses of their daughter’s marriage. The scheme will help widow women’s daughters and also orphan girls. Marriages are supposed to be a celebration, not something to dread. A celebration of the union of souls should never be resented and the government of Delhi, through this scheme, is ensuring that no marriage expenses ever foreshadows the festivities in order.