Culture is an integral part of one’s identity. However, with modern influences, culture and its most essential roots are losing touch with modernity. It is imperative to maintain culture and its nuances so that generations in the future can stay connected with ancestral traditions and virtues. In order to preserve culture and keep it going, the Odisha state government has launched the Odia Virtual Academy website – a resource platform to preserve resources of Odia language and culture of the State.

Through this scheme, the state government will present Odial as the language of Knowledge and Science before the Current and future generations which will preserve the Dignity of the state.

What is the Odia Virtual Academy website or OVA portal?

The OVA portal contains library books, magazines, dictionaries, information on cultural dance and music and even translations for the Odia language. The website also contains links for other Odia websites, OVA webinars, virtual classes, online certification courses, citizen book upload, Odia software, Odia font, workshops, Odia blogs and Basic Odia language learning.

All these services and more details are present on the official Odia government website This website will provide all the necessary information about the language and all that you need to know about it.

Objectives of the OVA

What is the purpose of the Odia Virtual academy?

Summing it up

Odia is one of the oldest languages and the cultural heritage traces back to decades of centuries. It is imperative to preserve the language and its cultural nuances as the world increasingly embrace modernity with arms wide open. To increase the popularity of the language and make it loved by all, the Odisha government has introduced this amazing scheme.