With unemployment rampantly prevalent, job seekers and employers both find themselves to be in quite a fix, as there seems to be no portal to unite the two. There are a lot of jobs that are vacant jobs but job seekers do not seem to have any knowledge of the same. In order to solve the conundrum, the MSME Sampark Placement portal has been created.

Skill development and the chance to find the right opportunity for employment are two of the most important aspects of youth empowerment.

About the MSME Sampark Placement Portal registration

This is a digital platform where jobseekers – essentially trainees who have passed their training courses, and students of MSME technology centres – can register online to get a suitable job or employment opportunity that helps them sustain themselves and their families.

Recruiters from various reputed National and Multinational Companies (MNCs) can also register so as to acquire skilled and trained manpower. MSME Technology Centres have a major contribution towards the “Make in India” initiative. Roughly 1.5 lakh students receive training at these centres annually and get placed in reputed industries across the nation.

Jobseekers online registration form and process

Jobseekers can get employment according to the skill sets they possess, the role they desire, the experience they have and the salary they expect, and their location of preference. The procedure for the online registration is mentioned here:

MSME Sampark

Wrapping it up

Job seekers who have been worried to find placements can now relax. The MSME portal has ample opportunities to choose from, on the basis of skill, location, salary preferences. With unemployment being at an all-time peak, such portals go a long way in helping people find the jobs they need.

Ever since the pandemic struck, millions of skilled youth all over the country lost jobs. They could not sustain themselves and their families, which led to a lot of distress and unrest. With the announcement of the portal, recruiters and job seekers can now go at it in full swing. The creation of the portal has established a platform that ensures that seekers find providers. Under the implementation of this scheme, jobseekers can now breathe a sigh of relief. They can now rest assured that jobs are now available and they have the option to choose what they like.