In Punjab, procuring sand and other mining material always seemed to be a hassle. Over the years, after a lot of complaints and discussions, the Punjab state government is now successful in making Sand booking an online process.

The Punjab online sand Booking portal is a possibility through the website.

Through the website, one can now order sand and other mining material online from the official Punjab Sand Portal website. Mineral Sale Management and Monitoring System is an initiative of the Water Resource Department (The Mining and Geology sector) in Punjab.

The Punjab Online Sand Booking Portal

For the ease of the customer, the Punjab Government’s Mining and Geology Department is implementing an online Punjab Sand Portal for the sale of sand to consumers – small, medium or large – through the effective and reliable online mode.

The sale of sand will be controlled by electronic documentation which is linked to a central documentation monitoring facility. A progress report regarding the same would be uploaded daily on the website.

The concessionaire of each block will have to notify the rate of sand on the online sand portal so as to maintain uniformity.

The website will also provide a summary of the online orders, the quantity of available sand at mine. The Punjab Sand Mining department will be a facility available to the consumers and essentially act as MIS for the Department and the Concessionaire. The Punjab Online sand Booking portal shall facilitate the sale of sand from the mines/sand yard.

The online orders can be booked from the Divisional Mining Office or Sub-Divisional Mining office.

Mission of Punjab Online Sand Booking Portal

The main mission of the establishment of the Portal is the judicial use of Natural resources and Sustainable development of the state.

To Book or order Sand and other Mining Material online

Sand Booking

Summing it up

Sourcing minerals and resources can often be a tedious process, simply because there is no organised system in place to handle it all. This lack of processes paves way for unlawful practices and exorbitant pricing which would seem incredibly unfair to the customer.

In order to cut out corruption from the process and to bring in transparency, the government of Punjab digitised the process through the website for the welfare of the customer.