For small and medium industries, investing in resources can be a harder process to carry out. They would need something natural, something that has free access to, and make something out of it that they can monetize. This is how they can generate revenue for themselves, which can be enough to diversify later on. 

Keeping in mind the easy access and multifarious benefits of Coirs, the Coir Board (which is a faction of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise) launched the Coir Vikas Yojana. 

What does the scheme aim to accomplish?

Ideally, the scheme aims to facilitate the development of domestic and export markets. It also aims to develop skill sets and training people which would also eventually lead to women empowerment at grass-root levels. 

Salient features of the Scheme:

In conclusion

In today’s start-up era, being unemployed is not at all an issue. If you have the will to make a change, you are creating employment all by yourself. And with such schemes, like CVY at your disposal, access to your dreams only gets easier.

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