Even with all the advanced at our disposal, there are aspects of nature we cannot fully understand, much less predict. And one such crucial aspect of nature is the weather. The weather decides the crops we grow and the total yield it’ll produce in a specific year. Farmers, however, stand at the mercy of the weather for daily sustenance and in the current scenario, this weather uncertainty is wreaking havoc for them.

To aid farmers from this adversity, the government of India initiated the Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme or the WBCIS.

What does the WBCIS aim to do?

This scheme basically is insurance for farmers from the uncertainties of weather. This includes all farmers – including sharecroppers and even tenant farmers, who are growing the notified crop in the notified regions. All farmers who are currently availing the Seasonal Agricultural Operations or the SAO loans are compulsorily covered under the scheme.

What does the insurance cover?

Though there are many uncertainties to make weather unpredictable, here’s what is covered under the scheme:

In conclusion

The weather might be an uncertain force adding to the perils of poor farmers, however, what they can be certain about is having their finances in place, with the WBCIS in action.