To celebrate the occasion of World Food Day, the Union Minister of Health and family welfare, Dr. Harsh Vardhan recently announced the Food Safety Mitra or the FSM.

Food is an integral part of any person’s day to day life and providing good quality food, therefore, becomes essential. Across the nation, standardizing the quality of food has always been a challenge. Providing nutritious food at prices that even those from the Below Poverty line can afford becomes a steep undertaking.

What does the Food Safety Mitra aim to establish?

The Food Safety Mitra plans on engaging motivated individuals with the food safety ecosystem at ground level. The scheme basically trains individuals to establish the right food standards and certifies them with a Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) certificate.

These professionals would assist compliances related to the FSS act, rules, and regulations with three distinct avatars namely, Digital Mitra, Trainer Mitra, and Hygiene Mitra. These would be depending upon their respective roles and responsibilities.

Leaving poverty behind with FSM

Pawan Agarwal, the Chief Executive Officer of FSSAI said, “Apart from strengthening food safety, this scheme would also create new employment opportunities for youth, particularly with food and nutrition background. The FSM would undergo training and certification by FSSAI to do their work and get paid by food businesses for their services.

In conclusion

This seems to be a great initiative as it tackles two problems at once – dilapidated nutrition standards in India and unemployment. This is therefore a start towards a better, healthier India.

Check out the video for Food Safety Mitra Scheme