Scholarships are basically a form of student empowerment that holds the potential to change the life of those who work hard for it. The government of India has taken the initiative to provide better scholarship solutions starting from student application, application receipts, processing applications, and/or disbursal of scholarships to students. 

This scheme comes under the able wings of the National Scholarships Portal – an undertaking of the Mission Mode Project under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP). 

Objectives of the portal

The most primary objective of the mission is to provide a scholarship platform – more like a one-stop scholarship portal – to ease a student’s life. It focuses on ensuring the timely disbursement of scholarships to students. It also aims to provide a common portal for scholarships from the Central and even state governments

It also aims to provide a transparent database of scholarships mainly to avoid duplication in the processing of applications. 

Benefits of the scheme

Parting thoughts

Scholarships are an essential part of one’s educational path. It not only enables students to pursue their dreams but it also gives them an incentive to better than they can. It breeds healthy competition and encourages one to outperform oneself. Such incentives really push students to do better than they think they can and that way, it eventually brings out the best in the talent pool in this nation.

Check out the video for National Scholarship Portal 2020