Prime Minister Narendra Modi, launched the Jan Andolan campaign against Covid-19, on the 8th of October 2020. He announced the same through a tweet.

Jan Andolan or People’s Movement is basically a war cry on the social ills that have crept into the society due to Covid-19. Not only has the pandemic brought in a new set of worries, but it has also intensified those that have been prevalent for decades now.

There are certain principles that the Jan Andolan focuses on.

  1. Aspirations: Jan Angolan will aim to create a sense of aspiration and a shared identity among people and try to close the “say-do” gap among societies.
  2. Harbours Collective Identity: Jan Angolan will aim to create simple, do-able action plans for people so as to make it easier for them to join the initiative and participate.
  3. Offer rewards: incentivizing is the best option to ensure participation, and that is exactly what the scheme aims to offer. Appropriate rewards and recognition will be offered in the form of recognition among peers, appreciation letters, etc.