The concept of working from home has recently become the norm in all the job sectors in and around the country. The COVID pandemic in 2020 led necessitated a system of working where there are zilch chances of meeting people at the risk of getting infected. Hence, companies, organizations, institutions came up with the next best alternative of letting the employees work from their own home. Moreover, freelancing is on the rise because of its systemic freedom. Then again working from home proves to be a boon for saving finances. Traveling costs are minimized and travel time to the workplace can also be saved for the employees. The employers also benefit from saving money from minimal money being spent on workplace infrastructure. The only essential requirement or working from home is a computer and the internet. In a world of social distancing, digitization is the key factor and adaptability to the new post-pandemic situation.

These the some of the best jobs available in the market right now in 2020:

1. Admin & Data Entry Job: Nowadays most businesses have an online presence and because of the pandemic, companies and organizations have started their daily work operations online. Hence suddenly there is an influx of demand for skilled and experienced administrators who can manage businesses and other activities online., are some sites where one can get these jobs. Moreover, another job that has a huge market is that of data-entry. Data of various sort need to be entered into the system by a person skilled in typing and who has basic computer knowledge. Therefore, it is an easy option for people working from home.

2. Writing & Editing Job: A huge amount of online data is being consumed every day. This information that is available on the internet requires good writers who are capable of writing in different languages, experts on subjects, for contributing to blogs, websites, and other platforms. Content writing is a popular freelance work that can be done through associating with companies or creating seller profiles freelancing websites like,, etc.

3. Teaching & Tutoring Job: Due to the spread of the COVID pandemic, all educational institutions had to be shut and teaching became an online job. Schools colleges and other institutions are looking for technologically savvy teachers capable of teaching through video conferencing. Moreover, there are websites like UnAcademy and Udemy where a freelancing teacher can start her class and get paid. Other options are WhiteHatJr, Byjus, Vedantu, and Toppr.

4. Buying & Selling Job: The Internet is not only the best platform for the promotion of products and services but also for selling it online because of the market penetration. There are shopping platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba where one can display their products, and people can buy it. Buying and selling also take place through affiliate marketing and sponsored posts on Instagram and other social media platforms. A business can open a website for selling products directly to the consumers also. While the above options need you to purchase the product and in some cases even keep stock, apps like Meesho, Digital Dukan allow you to resell products from the comfort of your home and reward you for each sale.

5. Customer service Job: Consumers are growing in numbers and with that queries, services, remote problem solving are also on the rise. Customer service includes catering to the consumer’s issues about products and services. Usually, there are call centers that do the job of customer service. But now people can do it from home with an average skill set, and earn money through it.

6. Internet Research Job: Several websites and companies who are logged onto the net want to know your browsing habits. These form essential database chunks that further help them device more streamlined surfing experiences to their customers on the whole. They may even use this portal to advertise some of their offerings and services in your demographic. How about you getting into the system and helping companies grow, while you also get a share in their overall progress? Here are some websites you should check out. 

7. Social Media Marketing Job: Everyone in this world is somehow or another plugged into some social media platform or another. It’s become a part of everyone’s day-to-day routine. And brands have sensed the unending potential of social media marketing. Brands are now looking for social media influencers all around the world to use their influence only to market their products. If you wish to make some bucks off being on social media, here’s what may help you. 

8. Affiliate marketing – It is basically is this platform where sales are undertaken with multiple stakeholders into the equation. Long story short, it is a portal where smaller brands make some profits from the sales they make for bigger brands on a commission basis. The amount of the commission is usually pre-agreed by both – the seller and the partner – before the transactions go operational. If you intend to reap healthy benefits from affiliate marketing, you need to know what the process is and how it really works. 

To understand the functionality of affiliate marketing, suppose there happens to be an XYZ company. Quite obviously, it has its own website for selling products online.  But then, XYZ is not really content with the customer base it has. So the natural course of order is to cast a wider net. In order to increase customer base, XYZ starts partnering with a program where there is a pre-agreement regarding the payment of a commission for certain sales achieved through independent vendors. Vendors (like bloggers and various other digital marketing professionals) sign up for this program, endorse XYZs links on their portals and that’s it. Once a certain sales target is met, XYZ pays the independent vendor as per the pre-agreed commission. 

9. Blogging Online – It has been a huge hit in the last decade, where we saw a considerable shift in attention towards content and its creation. And while video content creation stands tall in the years to come, there also is massive scope for those who have their way with words. Here’s how you go about monetizing your words. 

In Conclusion

So, there you have it. These possibilities give you the flexibility to operate from either place when telecommuting and avoiding traffic during rush hours. It’s not easy to do these jobs from home, but if you spend some time on them, they will give you a steady income.