The government of Delhi has restarted the online booking for high-security registration of plates on an online platform. There will now be colour coded stickers from the 1st of November. In the new version of the website, a single URL will be available for booking High Security Registration Plates or HSRPs.

All Delhi residents who don’t have HSRP on their existing vehicles can now check and book online applications and they can also check their HSRP plates online status.

Need for this scheme

The need for this scheme occurred simply because HSRPs are a new mechanism that comes preinstalled with newly registered vehicles. However, most of the older vehicles don’t have such sophisticated and tamper-proof plates. According to governmental records, there are around forty lakh vehicles – including four-wheelers and two-wheelers – that do not have these HSRP number plates.

How to apply for Delhi High Security Registration Plate online?

In conclusion

To make transport and vehicle ownership safer, the government of Delhi launched this amazing plan that can help vehicle owners all across the state. With this, not only do vehicles and their registration get safer, but it also gets tamper-proof and would, therefore, in the long run, save you from a whole lot of hassle.