According to Indian tradition, the cow is considered to be a sacred animal. Over the years, there has been a need to look into the welfare and sustenance of cows in India, which requires research. The Gau Vigyan Pariksha or the Cow Science Exam is an initiative in this direction.

In case you have a fondness towards animals, especially the cow, here is a scheme that will offer the platform for your bovine enthusiasm.

Apply for the Gau Vigyan Pariksha Online

In order to apply for the scheme, here is how you can apply online.

Important points to remember for the Gau Vigyan Exam

Here are some important pointers to remember with respect to the Cow Science Exam

  1. The exam will be online and will be conducted throughout the country on the same day. This year, the exam is scheduled for the 25th of February 2021.
  2. The exam will be conducted in 4 main categories – for the primary level (for students up to the 8th grade), for secondary level (from grades 9 to 12), for college-level (for students after grade 12), and even for the general masses.
  3. There would be no registration fee charged for this exam
  4. The literature and reference books for the exam will be uploaded on the website. The applicant will also find a list of recommended books on the website as well.
  5. The exam will be conducted in a transparent manner and no partiality will be induced in the conduction of examinations. As it is an online exam, there will be no scope of maneuvering the results or seeking help.
  6. The candidates who pass the exams successfully will be awarded a cash prize/certificate in a ceremony.


The Gau Vigyan Pariksha is an innovative scheme by the government to make people aware of the sacred animal and to create further avenues for its well being and welfare. Cows have been a special animal to Indians, and through this exam, people will now be more aware of the animal, and thereby be in a better position to contribute to its welfare.