With everything turning out to be digital these days, leaving something to the good ol’ pen and paper mode seems like a surefire way to oblivion. To evade essential information from getting lost out of memory, the Government of India has come up with an innovative solution.

The AIMS portal is a website that allows the digitization of essential information pertaining to railway employees. Quite often it was noticed the railway employees had difficulty with their payment proofs considering how primitive their methods were; and how difficult it would be for employees to retrieve their information if need be.

To make matters simpler, the government of India started the AIMS portal which allows them to download their payslips via the online method. Now, railway employees won’t have to scurry around for or even bother to keep a track of their payslips, as they can simply download it through the AIMS portal.

Benefits and features of the AIMS Portal

The key benefits of the RESS Salary slip through the AIMS portal are mentioned herewith:

  1. The railway employee can check salaries, pension, health insurance, and several other benefits through the portal.
  2. Payslips and salary slips can now be downloaded through the AIMS portal.
  3. Employees can even check the status of trains through this portal.
  4. With the implementation of the scheme, employees can now save their time as the portal simply takes a few clicks to offer them whatever information they are looking for like salaries, pensions, health insurance details, etc.
  5. This portal is extremely user-friendly which makes it easy to use by anyone employed by the Railways.

How to register at the AIMS portal?

In order to register yourself at the AIMS portal, you need to follow these steps:

To register, follow these steps: