For decades, air travel was perceived to be something that only the elite can do. In order to fit travel into their budget, people would resort to cheaper means of transport like roadways or railways. The problem with that being, it would extend the period of travel to days, which would ideally take hours if airlines opted.

Small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs would suffer losses if they could not make it to the said place in due time.

To cater to the plight of the common man, and to that of those who struggle with even basic expenses, the government of India has initiated a new scheme that makes air travel cheaper than ever before. The scheme goes by the name Udan Scheme 2021 and under this scheme, the government decided to fix an amount for air travel that could be afforded even by people living in tier 2 and tier 3 cities of the country.

Salient features of the Udan Scheme 2021

Flight fares for the masses under the UDAN scheme

Under the UDAN scheme, under-served airports will be made functional, and these airports will offer flights that will cost ₹2,500 per hour.  For example, ₹1,420 will be charged by participating airline operators for a distance of 151-175 km, ₹1,500 for a distance of 176-200km.

There will be a ceiling maximum set of ₹3,500 fares for a total stance of 800 km or more.

In conclusion

Over the next couple of years, air travel will be a common affair. This will enable people to travel larger distances in a shorter span of time. This way, they can attend to their businesses or their loved ones and not miss out on crucial moments travelling through jam-packed roads or difficult railway journeys.

With the implementation of the UDAN scheme, Indians can now travel anywhere they want in a matter of hours, thereby making it incredibly convenient for them to soar alongside their dreams.