With the onset of the pandemic, farmers have had a tough time making ends meet. No steady flow of income surely turns out to be a hurdle when it comes to running a house. Understanding the plight of the farmers and extending its support, the Central government of India launched the e-Gopala mobile app in September 2020 in Bihar. This app ensures accessibility to any person using a smartphone and can now download e-Gopala mobile app from the Google Play store.

What does the e-Gopala mobile app do?

The e-Gopala mobile platform provides farmers in the country a portal where they can manage their livestock. It includes buying and selling of disease-free germplasm in all forms – semen, embryos, etc.

This app also tells about the availability of quality breeding services (Artificial insemination, veterinary first aid, vaccination, treatment, and much more.

Furthermore, the e-Gopala app will guide farmers for animal nutrition, treatment of animals using ayurvedic medicine or ethnoveterinary medicine.

To make matters all the more streamlined, the app also keeps a record of, and sends timely notifications or alerts regarding the due date for vaccination, pregnancy diagnosis, calving, etc and informs farmers about several governmental schemes and campaigns in place to make livestock rearing a more feasible and profitable endeavour for vexed farmers.

Benefits of the e-Gopala app

The project is mainly designed to benefit workers from the pisciculture and animal husbandry sector. These initiatives will allow farmers to bring in a variety and newer technologies that will enable better profit margins in fisheries and animal husbandry.

Some other benefits the scheme brings along are as follows:

How to download the e-Gopala app?

In order to download the e-Gopala app, the user should have a smartphone and access to the Google Play store. On the Play store, the user has to type “e-Gopala app” and press on the download option when the following search result shows up.

Summing it up

Farmers have it tough, trying to keep their finances afloat with just one source of income, especially when there are a lot more variables involved in procuring a decent, profitable yield. With livestock rearing, farmers get an additional source of income, which, unlike farming, isn’t all that unpredictable.

In the long run, such a scheme proves to be life-changing for farmers who have, for the longest time, depended on farming as their whole and sole means of livelihood. And while change can be uncomfortable to some, it is, after all, a useful undertaking.

With this scheme in effect, the government of India has ensured farmers all over the nation that their interests are never overlooked and that sooner or later help will definitely arrive and fate will definitely change. A virus cannot defeat the infallible spirit of the Indian.