In these dire times, self-reliance has become more than just the need of the hour – it has practically become a necessity. While employment opportunities are being offered to the masses affected by the mass wave of unemployment that has wiped through the country, getting a job has become more difficult than ever before, considering how competitive the markets have gotten.

To help people run their houses without having to wait with abated breaths for the government to make some provisions, a new scheme has been launched to encourage people to be self-reliant – the KVIC (Khadi and Village Industries Commission) Khadi Agarbatti Atmanirbhar Mission or more popularly abbreviated as KAAM.

Objective of KAAM 2021

The primary objective of the scheme is to create employment opportunities for those who are currently unemployed. It is a provisioning scheme for those who are looking out for opportunities to earn a steady source of income.

Through the implementation of the scheme, not only would people be employed, but there would be an increase in the domestic incense sticks production.

What is the expected income from KAAM 2021?

With the current scope of work, it is estimated that people can get ₹15 per kilogram for making incense sticks. Simple calculations suggest that 4 artisans working on an automatic Agarbatti machine can earn up to ₹1200 per day by making 80 kg of incense sticks.

This means that every artisan has a chance of earning ₹300 per day. Even on a powder mixing day, which is considered to be light working days, each artisan will get a chance of earning ₹250 per day.

The supply of raw materials, logistics of the raw material, quality control and marketing of the Agarbatti will stand to be the responsibility of the business partner. This will ensure not overwhelming the worker with additional responsibility that is beyond their scope of work.

The ownership of the automatic machines that are used in the making of Agarbattis will be transferred to the artisans once 75% of the cost of the machine has been recovered. For the transfer of ownership, a 2 party agreement will be signed between the KVIC and the private incense sticks manufacturer.

Salient features of the KAAM scheme

Summing it up

Though unemployment may have gotten the best of the country’s efforts, there are counter-measures being employed to help those afflicted. After all, in such times, self-reliance is the only way out.