In the current situation we find ourselves to be, we realise the oversight we had on the medical infrastructure frontier, and how it can come back, years later to haunt us in ways we did not foresee. However, this takes our attention to the fact that oversight can be a deadly thing, and right now, the climate crisis is experiencing massive oversight from all humanity. 

To pay attention to the crisis and to make sure that we get on board with the problem before it is too late, the Green Skill Development Programme (GSPD) has been set up. 

About the GSDP 

The Green Skill Development Programme will work towards enhancing dividend across the country. It aims to provide green skills training to personnel and to fill in specific skill gaps in the environment and forest sector. 

To make it more seamless and efficient, the Central government has also launched the GSDP-ENVIS mobile app for the implementation of the GSDP.

Skill India programme has been developed to provide training to youths who are responsible to conserve and protect the environment. The GSDP will provide Green skill development to train youths across the nation, especially dropouts of class 10th and 12th and this is, in turn, increase the availability of a skilled workforce.

Overall, the GSDP is a major step towards the development of skills along with employment opportunities for the youth. The government, through the mass implementation of this scheme, will modify and strengthen GSDP from time to time and ends up becoming the nation’s big step towards curbing environmental side-effects and generating mass employment opportunities for all. 

The Green Skill Development Programme application form

Download the Skill Development Programme app from the Android Google Play store

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change will provide skill development training in the environment and forest sector so as to enable them to gain employment. Candidates can download the app from the Android Mobile play store and enrol themselves into the programme.

Finally, the main thing is to ensure that skill development is given main priority in the long run, as it makes sure that the applicant gets employment opportunities. This scheme could well be the equivalent of “hitting two leaves with one stone”.