A ration card is a really essential tool for the poor masses of the country to get some essential food grains for themselves. The essentiality of it grows manifold in times of a crisis as one we see around us right now.

Bearing in mind the troubles the poor masses of the country have to go through, the Tamil Nadu government has now started a system where Ration cardholders will get free ration from PDS shops. Essential goods that were provided at a subsidized rate would now be provided for free. These goods include pulses like dal, cooking oil, and sugar.

If you are a new applicant and need to check the status of your Smart Ration Card, here is the link you need: https://www.tnpds.gov.in/

Objective of the TNPDS smart Ration Card

These are the objectives of the inaugural efforts of the smart ration card in the state of Tamil Nadu.

In conclusion

In order to reach out to more people during the pandemic, the state of Tamil Nadu has resorted to a really progressive move with the smart Ration card, which holds the potential to reach out to a larger mass in half the time.