Child care has consistently been a concern in the nation. While in some cases it has been the lack of necessary equipment and resources, on other occasions, it has been regressive traditions and customary practices that are regressive, to say the least. 

The Bal Sangopan Yojana is a foster care scheme for young children that arose in the absence of any particular foster care scheme in the country. There are various foster care units in India however without a proper structure in place to carry out its activities; they end up providing really substandard levels of care. 

Keeping that in mind, the government of India initiated the Bal Sangopan Yojana which is a government scheme that’s one of its kind.

More about the Scheme

In 1994, the Government of Maharashtra took over the pioneer scheme initiated by the central government and renamed it Bal Sangopan Yojana. Currently, the scheme is State Government-run and it provides basic family care to children in trying conditions and circumstances across the state.

Family is the most basic collective unit, which when multiplied exponentially forms the nation. To take care of the family is to essentially take care of the nation. The Bal Sangopan Yojana aims to provide a supportive atmosphere to troubled families and children and offer not only psychological but even emotional and physical needs to help nurture cultural and social bonds. 

In conclusion

In a population as vast as ours, it often gets easier to miss out on those who need us the most; after all, there’s just so many of us! But with the Bal Sangopan Yojana, we all can dwell on one strand of hope – that here, nobody gets left behind.