Service towards one’s nation is looked to be one of the highest honours of any statesperson. The Maharashtra government recently has launched the Balasaheb Thackeray Maji Sainik Sanman scheme – a scheme that looks to honour and eases out the lives of ex-servicemen or soldiers residing permanently in Maharashtra.

Defending the pride and the name of the nation on the borders requires sacrifice, determination, and painful separation from loved ones for excruciating spans of time and distance. Though there can be no way those sacrifices can be compensated for, the Maharashtra government aims to respect and salute the efforts of those who have dedicated their lives in service of the country.

Objectives of the Maharashtra Balasaheb Thackeray Maji Sainik Sanman Yojana 2020 for Ex-Servicemen

There are several objectives to introduce this scheme in Maharashtra, some of which are mentioned herewith:

  1. The scheme is initiated to provide financial assistance in honour of ex-servicemen and soldiers in the state.
  2. The scheme aims to lessen the financial burden on those who struggle with finding a footing in a rather corporate world and among exorbitant prices
  3. The scheme also covers widows of ex-servicemen by exempting them from any Property tax payment in the state of Maharashtra
  4. The scheme covers beneficiaries across the state of Maharashtra

Features of the Maharashtra Balasaheb Thackeray Maji Sainik Sanman Yojana 2020 for Ex-Servicemen

The features offered by the scheme are many, but here is a rundown of some of the salient features of the scheme:

  1. The decision to launch the scheme was passed by the state of Maharashtra in a cabinet meeting held on the 29th of October, 2020
  2. This scheme is an envelope scheme for all brave soldiers and servicemen who spend their lives for the betterment of the country and fellow countrymen
  3. The scheme essentially will maintain a record of ex-servicemen and their widows (if any), and exempt them from any form of residential property taxation
  4. This is to basically redeem them from the troubles of running a household, which becomes quite difficult even with a pension coming in from the government.

How to avail the benefits of the scheme?

In order to avail the benefits of the scheme, the ex-servicemen or their widows would have to produce the identity card and the tax documents of the said personnel.

These documents will prove that the applicant indeed served the nation and thereby rightly entitle them to the benefits offered by the scheme.

To make matters simpler, a format for the application to be submitted to apply for the benefits of the scheme has been attached herewith:

In conclusion

Servicemen of this nation who risk their lives day in and out tend to lead a difficult life even after they have retired. Making ends meet becomes a legitimate hassle, and therefore, through this scheme, the government of Maharashtra aims to better the lives of those who have sacrificed their own comfort and luxury and put the needs of the nation before self.