The Uttar Pradesh Ganna Parchi Calendar initiative was launched by the Government of Uttar Pradesh in the year 2020. This initiative is an exceptionally empowering program designed to help the sugarcane farmers all across the state to get the right information and details on various issues related to sugarcane farming, stocking, and distribution.

The Calendar will also provide information on surveys, slips, toll payments, and various other data related to sugar mills and development. All of this data related to sugarcane farming is present on the official government website. This aggregation of information not only helps the farmers in accessing such data and benefitting from them but also by controlling the growth of middlemen and black marketers who try to dupe these farmers and cut away a good chunk of money from their profit.

The aim of the Calendar is to serve both the purpose,i.e. to develop sugarcane farming and make it more organized, and also to eradicate the issues related to the middlemen in the business. The farmers would be able to view all the data through the portal and in this process, transparency would be maintained in the system.


  1. In the state of Uttar Pradesh, around 50 lakh are farmers who can be direct beneficiaries of this Uttar Pradesh Ganna Parchi Calendar. It can create an organized and transparent system for procuring information related to sugarcane farming.
  2. The government has also created an application apart from the web portal so that it can be easily accessible through the mobiles of the farmers, whenever necessary. The application is known as E-Cap and it can be downloaded for free from Google PlayStore.The application is easy to use.
  3. The sugar mills of the state of Uttar Pradesh which is around 114 in number and all of these have their websites and any of the information related to it can be found on the main government web portal. Any developmental data is also given on the portal to facilitate growth in the sugarcane farming sector.
  4. To view the information, one has to open the web portal one has to fill out the details. After this step, one will be asked to enter the factory name and the area name. The next step is to do logging in as a farmer. After successful completion of the logging-in process, one has to give enter the year and all the information relating to sugarcane farming would be displayed.
  5. The entire process of online information n sugarcane farming will lead to the economic growth of the agricultural sector. Moreover, it will help save the money of the farmers by giving information while sitting at home. The farmer would not be required to deal with middlemen, or travel to gather information on sugar cane mills survey, slips, toll payments, and weighing in the village. This will not only help save the valuable time of a farmer who can focus on the work and think of ways for distribution and development, but also help the farmers save money.