Geographically, the largest state in India is Rajasthan, and while it adds to the state’s pride, it is also worth noting that providing services and assistance to the residents of Rajasthan gets equally difficult, as logistics are tougher to figure out in a state that big. In order to offer government services to each and every citizen of Rajasthan in a timely fashion, the government of Rajasthan has devised a scheme – The Jan Aadhaar card yojana portal to provide an electronic mode of providing services.

The applications for the Jan Aadhaar card yojana 2021 form will ensure that benefits of public welfare schemes are offered to the people in a transparent and secure manner.

The Jan Aadhaar yojana unifies the entire service delivery ecosystem of the state with a single-card, single-number, and single-identity philosophy. The new Jan Aadhaar card scheme will also, by and large, reduce the several channels of government to make it easier for the people, who would now have to reach out to only one channel.

Registration form for Rajasthan Jan Aadhaar Yojana

In order to avail of the benefits offered by the government of Rajasthan, one needs to first register for the Jan Aadhaar card, which can be done following these steps

How to get the Jan Aadhaar number through sending SMS?

Residents of Rajasthan can also get their Jan Aadhaar number using SMS functionality. Jan Aadhaar number can be accessed using Jan Aadhaar enrolment ID or Aadhaar number or mobile number which is already registered into the family profile.

The residents would have to send an SMS on the mobile number 7065051222 in any of the following formats:

  1. JAN<space>JID<space><15-character Jan Aadhaar enrollment ID>
  2. JAN<space>JID<space><12-digit UID number>
  3. JAN<space>JID<space>10-digit mobile number>

How to download the Jan Aadhaar App?

To make matters all the more convenient for the people of Rajasthan, the government of Rajasthan has also launched the Jan Aadhaar mobile app from the Google Play store.

The app can be downloaded as follows:

  1. Click the Play store app on your smartphone
  2. Type Jan Aadhaar in the search bar and hit enter. The following page should open up as a search result.

In conclusion

The Rajasthan government, in order to tackle a logistical issue, has come up with an amazing solution. By integrating several platforms as one, not only does it offer convenience to the people of Rajasthan, but creates a one-stop-shop for all governmental services.