The unemployment toll of the nation skyrocketed with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. Millions of people all around the nation lost their jobs, and with that, any way of getting in money to make ends meet. People are finding it difficult to get their expenses met and look after ailing family members if any of them happened to get infected by the deadly virus.

In light of such misery all around in the financial capital of India, the CM of Maharashtra has announced an initiative through which people will be able to find a job and elevate their situation from the deplorable mess they find themselves to be in, for no fault of theirs.

The scheme introduced by the Maharashtra government – MahaJob portal 2021 will work at getting job opportunities to those who deserve and need them.

Mahajob Portal 2021

The portal was launched to offer work chances to nearby occupants in the state of Maharashtra. It has helped the enlistment of gifted, semi-talented, and even untalented representatives to find themselves a job to keep their finances afloat.

This website is a merger between businesses seeking employees and workers looking for employment. The portal stands to be a joint endeavour between the Department of Industries, Department of Labour, and Skill Development.

What is the objective of the scheme?

The main objective of the scheme is to offer people jobs.

Here are some other objectives of the scheme which it sets out to accomplish:

  1. Act as a link between job seekers and entrepreneurs.
  2. Decrease the distance between demands and supply of manpower in several industries that require a wide spectrum of skills.
  3. The portal will also help industries recruit people with much more ease and efficiency.
  4. The website will help the operation of key industries like essential sectors.
  5. The website will primarily enable the acquisition of efficient and skilled manpower.

What are job seekers looking for to hook you to a job?

If you are a candidate looking for opportunities, then here is what you should know about what they are looking for:

  1. Full name
  2. Mobile number for OTP or relaying any important message pertaining to your employment
  3. E-mail ID
  4. Address – with proof
  5. Biodata
  6. Educational qualification details and marksheet scans
  7. Photo and photo ID proof documents

What are the benefits of the scheme?

The state government of Maharashtra expects that enterprises in the state will give roughly around 80% of occupations to people. Maharashtra government intends to introduce the bill in the state of lawmaking body across several regions in the state.

Wrapping it up

Through this scheme, many workers in the state will now see a ray of hope, a shred of possibility wherein their financial situation can get back on track. With this scheme in place, people will now have a chance to take care of their families and bring food to the table, through a day’s hard work. The pandemic may have made matters worse for many, but through these efforts by governments, people have hope to latch on to.