With the onset of the pandemic, the youngsters of the country who set out with dreamy eyes of a career saw their careers crumble right in front of their eyes. While many had student loans to pay off, others found themselves working for really low pay which wasn’t even enough to help them afford food or even a roof over their heads.

Considering the plight of the young, the Uttar Pradesh government is now setting out to offer more than just labour. It is aiming to equip youngsters with more than just jobs, but the skills to do jobs and increase market value.

Objective of the schemes

The UP Kaushal Satrang Scheme, Yuva Hub Yojana, and the CM Apprenticeship Promotion scheme are working together, in close tandem, towards achieving one, unified goal – offering youngsters in UP a chance to apply for and get dignified jobs that

The main objective of the schemes is to generate employment opportunities and to promote skill development for the youth in Uttar Pradesh as it would enable them to sustain their livelihood relentlessly.

About the Uttar Pradesh Kaushan Satrang Scheme 2020-21

The Uttar Pradesh Satrang Yojana 2020-21 is essentially a skill development scheme that will offer special training to roughly about 2.37 lakh people.

Under this scheme, each district in Uttar Pradesh will organize a Mega Job fair at the district’s Sevayojan office. The Satrang yojana will ensure a brighter future for anyone who wishes to join the course and will aid in building up the youngster’s skill profile to an extent where they can grow to be assets to the company they apply for.

UP Yuva Hub Yojana 2020-21

The Uttar Pradesh government has launched the Yuva Udyamita Vikas Abhiyan or the YUVA Hub yojana which will arrange for YUVA hubs in each district of the state to ensure youths grow to be self-dependent. Furthermore, the UP YUVA Hub will offer employment to lakhs of youths in the state and there would be one YUVA hub in each district of the state.

The Yojana will also work towards setting up over 30,000 startups in Uttar Pradesh.

UP CM Apprenticeship Promotion scheme

Apprenticeship is key towards learning any skill. The UP State government has earmarked ₹100 crores for the CM Apprenticeship Promotion scheme which will impart on-the-job training to youths of the state. Under this scheme, youngsters will not only get a chance to learn under professionals in the desired industry but they will also get ₹2500 per month as a stipend.

Summing it up

The three schemes work closely to bring out the best in what the youth has to offer. Quite often, efficiency is not the sole responsibility of the employee, it is of those who train them to be better. In order to have skilled employees, we need to impart them with skills. The UP government thereby has taken a great initiative to enhance the livelihood of the millions who sit jobless, wasting away their potential.