Women have to face innumerable challenges in a regressive society. With progressive views entering the Indian socio-political system like a breath of fresh air, the tide seems to now be changing towards the betterment of womanhood in our country.

With women empowerment being the key phrase for quite some years now, governments across the nation are trying to work out ways that help women across several walks of life and bring them at par with the privileges and benefits that men have received for centuries now.

The Chhattisgarh government, in an attempt to uplift women in the state, especially divorced, destitute, widowed women, is launching the Shakti Swarupa Yojana 2021.

About the Shakti Swarupa Yojana 2021

Under the implementation of the scheme, women will now receive certain financial assistance. This financial assistance will be provided to women to start their own businesses. The main purpose of launching the scheme is to uplift the women of the state, especially women who are divorced, widowed or destitute. The implementation of the scheme will enable women to more self-dependent.

This is because once a woman becomes a widow, the traditional Indian society severs financial streams to the woman, thereby disabling her furthermore and disrupting her economic situation. 

The implementation of the scheme will ensure that women from poor families will grow self-reliant and they will be able to provide support for themselves and their children without having to rely on the family of the husband. 

Eligible beneficiaries under the Shakti Swarupa Yojana

Form of assistance offered under the Shakti Swarupa Yojana

To start own business

On getting approval of the project by the bank, 15 per cent of the total cost of the project proposal or the maximum amount of ₹30,000 rupees will be paid by the department to the bank as a grant. 

For education/higher education

If the beneficiary wishes to pursue education above class XII or wishes to take any form of vocational training conducted in colleges, or if the candidate has been selected for higher vocational training but is unable to take admissions due to financial constraints can then avail the benefits of the scheme and pursue education or training. 

Summing it up

Through the implementation of this scheme, women in the state of Chattisgarh can now not depend on the situation and face the wrath of a crime they had no hand in. With this scheme in place, widows, destitute women and those divorced will not be held back by their situation, but will now be able to strive forward with conviction and the right support to achieve all that they want.