Usually, having information about government schemes and facilities goes a long way in helping people out of their predicaments. People are often unaware of the government schemes which denies them a chance of making use of facilities designed for them. In order to break the cycle of non-information and to bring to people the idea that there are government schemes for their welfare, the Union Minister of State for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise launched the MSME Insider.

MSMEs are considered to be the “Engine of Growth” for India having contributed majorly towards employment. Roughly around 11 crore people are employed in the MSME sector and this sector has contributed 2nd most contribution to the GDP of India.

The MSME insider is a monthly e-newsletter that will assist in the regular flow of information about the MSME sector to entrepreneurs.

About the MSME Insider e-Newsletter latest edition download

The MSME e-Newsletter will be published on a monthly basis and will contain details of Indian economic growth and equity and labour inclusion across sectors. Through this e-Newsletter, the MSME sector ensures that the manufacturing sector – which contributed to around 28% of GDP in 2015-16, increases substantially.

This e-Newsletter will also bring out challenges for MSMEs in India and show a new and innovative way forward to help MSMEs achieve their full potential.

Apart from offering information to MSMEs and other public about the Ministry’s scheme, the e-newsletter will provide other useful information as well. It includes the latest innovations in the field of technology, the section on Social media bulletin, success stories for aspiring entrepreneurs, upcoming events, training programs and other activities for that specific month.

What else does the MSME Insider e-newsletter offer?

The MSME e-newsletter also comprises interesting articles on relevant topics, success stories of entrepreneurs who have made it big in the industry and who have done so using benefits of the schemes offered by ministries like the Prime Minister Employment Generation Program (PMEGP), MSE Cluster development Program, Credit linked subsidy scheme (CLSS), etc.

Currently, the MSME Insider Monthly e-newsletter is available at the official website of the MSME Ministry at This Newsletter will also remain available on the websites of the attached organisations for downloading purposes. The monthly e-newsletter will also be distributed among 50 lakh MSMEs who are registered under the Udyog Aadhaar Portal.

Wrapping this up

MSMEs are crucial when it comes to dealing with the problems of unemployment that seems to be more virulent than the pandemic itself. Millions of workers have lost their jobs, and with their jobs, they have lost their means of sustainability.

Through the newsletter, more and more people will now be aware of what it is to be associated with MSMEs and the groundbreaking work they are doing when it comes to employing the workforce in the country.

Now, as more people will gain knowledge and inspiration with an e-newsletter, more industries will be attracted to be associated with MSMEs and that will open up more opportunities for workers all across the nation.