True progress is one that involves everyone. True progress is when no one gets left behind. And with the same mindset and attitude at the heart of its plans, the Gujarat government has planned the Van Bandhu Kalyan yojana – a welfare scheme for the tribals in the state.

For the longest time, tribals have found it increasingly difficult to find a footing in the modern world simply because they are denied the opportunities to do better, be better and aim for better; for themselves and for their families.

Through the implementation of the scheme, the Gujarat government now aims to offer tribals in the state a chance to be a part of, and benefit from the progress of the nation.

Gujarat Van Bandhu Yojana

The Van Bandhu scheme aims to work for the welfare of tribals in the state. In order to pull off a scheme at such a large scale, the Gujarat government has reserved ₹1 lakh crore. The main objective of the scheme is to bring to light the problems faced by the tribals and to offer solutions that help them lead dignified lives in the years to come.

A progressive country is considered only as progressive as the welfare of its poorest communities. Through the implementation of the scheme, the government intends to make known that success that is not uniform will not be considered a success at all.

Focus areas of Van Bandhu scheme

The scheme will focus on the following factors for tribal welfare:

The state government will lay emphasis on the development of these focus areas so as to bring about a holistic development of the society.

Strategies designed to implement the scheme

Products that are included under the scheme

  1. Tendu leaves
  2. Bamboo
  3. Mahuwa Seeds
  4. Sal Leaf
  5. Sal Seed
  6. Lac
  7. Chironjee
  8. Wild Honey
  9. Myrobalan
  10. Tamarind
  11. Gums
  12. Karanji

Looking at the products and services it offers, the scheme is often also regarded as the Forests Rights Act – which is landmark legislation to recognise the pre-existing rights of tribals and other traditional forest-dwelling indigenous groups.

Summing it up

In a growing economy, indigenous groups deserve their fair share of benefits. Schemes like the Van Bandhu Kalyan ensures that tribal groups get their rights and get access to facilities regardless of their financial backgrounds.

Over the years, tribals have always been on the sidelines, watching the country develop through the shadows of despair and poverty. However, things are now about to change and the Van Bandhu Scheme is just the start of a better future for tribals.